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Custom designed to provide stunning aesthetics within your home.

Quality Investment
Like a fine piece of furniture or art our frames do not date, and will increase in value over the life of your home.  The attention to detail and craftsmanship is second to none.

Environmentally Friendly
Sustainable, renewable and natural materials and procedures mean our frames carry very high environmental credentials.  Easily adaptable to many other natural building systems such as straw bale, rammed earth, mud brick, cob, timber etc.
Low Site Times
Our frames are constructed off site and installed over a very short period which keeps site costs to a minimum and means we can provide frames Australia wide and to many rural and remote areas.  Perfect for owner builder projects.

Quality Customer Service
We pride ourselves on our reliable and efficient construction processes that ensure a pleasant building experience for everyone involved.  Our pricing is fully explained and documented.  We provide and deliver to a schedule that meets the needs of the project and we believe strongly in having a friendly and trusting relationship with our customers. 
Uniquely Crafted and Adaptable
All of our frames are custom designed, unique and crafted to the highest quality.  They can be readily adapted to suit a huge range of modern and traditional architectural projects.  Works beautifully in conjunction with glass and stainless steel in modern buildings.

Strength and Honesty
The large section exposed timbers in our frames provide buildings that are incredibly strong and give a feeling of warmth and honesty.  Because the frames are normally completely exposed inside a building they will be admired for many generations to come.
Traditional Timber Frames can be designed to suit most buildings and budgets.  When you compare the cost of a Traditional Timber Frame to other quality building systems, our frames are very competitive, and then add to that the structural, aesthetic, environmental and other benefits and the decision is easy.
Engineer Certified
Our work is certified by a structural engineer that ensures not only aesthetic quality but also the structural strength and compliance with all relevant legislation.
Features & Benefits
Do it Yourself
For people wanting to be personally involved in the crafting of a unique Traditional Timber Frame we are able to supply kits, pre made trusses and various degrees of training to help you build your own frame, and doing this can make it even more affordable.
NSW Builders Licence No. 194193C • VIC Builders Licence No. DB-U 38541 • ABN 13 784 453 364
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Traditional Timber Frames
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